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    Question Catherine Roylance of Kilkenny

    I am anxious to find out more about an ancestor of mine, Catherine Roylance, believed to have been born in Kilkenny in 1838. She married in Ashton under Lyne then lived in Oldham. I have documented her life in England, with help from kind people in B-G Forums, but would like to find out about her Irish roots. Could anyone point me in the right direction, please?

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    Default roylance

    I can not supply any info regarding Catherine or Kilkenny but roylance is an unusual name and is My grandmother's married name.
    my grandfather was killed in the first WW and i was named for them , Roy Lance,
    I know absolutely nothing about them and am just beginning the search.
    I do know my grandmother was in service in a hall near Warrington [Daresbury] and there are some Roylance's nearby in Lower Peover. I have to assume there is a connection to that family.
    are these connected in any way to Your Roylance?


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