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    yes a good point... maybe the Honess's are something to do with where the girls worked in London... i can see no other reason either why Mayfair should be put as the place of birth.

    I do know from family stories that Florence had an "income" all through Selwyn's childhood. i dont think it was made legal - probably silence money lol - I have pictures of Selwyn dressed very smartly and I dont think he went to a "village school".. Each time Florence married Selwyn took on the husband's surname ending up with Drage from William. I dont think his name was ever legally changed.

    I put the name Richard Honess into google and i got a link to ancestry when it had his name, his wife and Dorothy and there was a link to someones family tree. i have sent a message to them on Ancestry - I just have to hope that they go there regularly and check their messages lol (I am not holding my breath on that one, but will post here if I hear from them )... maybe their descendants know how they knew the Clark's and what they were doing in Mayfair... fingers crossed


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    Default Richard Honess

    .... I have just done a bit of research on Richard Honess and have found he married Rose Ann Clark in 1890... so I went to look at the 1891 census but all i can see without paying is that he was living in London! I think I have found my link to where Florence went as a domestic before Selwyn was born ... I am quite excited but need more access to ancestry to find the location... ahh well, three steps forward and one back lol....

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    1891 census
    RG12/70 folio 40 page 20
    9 Carrington Street, parish of St George Hanover Square
    Richard Honess, head, 29, Butler (Domestic), Liverpool
    Rose A, wife, 25 , Shottisham Suffolk
    Jared Clarke, visitor, 17, groom (domestic), Shottisham Suffolk

    Death registration Rose Ann Honess, aged 30, December quarter 1895 St George Hanover Square registration district

    Your local library may offer free access to Ancestry, though I don't know if you can access everything on the site.

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    Default Richard Honess

    Oh Pam, thank you so much

    I have just had a message from someone on ancestry and Richard and Rose Ann's child, Dorothy, was her grandmother! Aparently she was the daughter of his second wife who died shortly after the birth and Richard decided to take Dorothy back to Suffolk to be cared for by his first wife's family (Rose Ann Clark's family) which is why she appears on the 1901 census.

    The information you have given me will be of great help... many, many thanks - I feel i am getting a step closer with each piece of information but am not really sure I will ever find out who Selwyn's father is - however it is a lot of fun trying

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