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    Default GRIBBLE family from Redruth


    Benjamin GRIBBLE b. abt 1810 Redruth, Cornwall d. 3 Jan 1866 Victoria, Aust.

    - parents Samuel & Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

    married 31 Jan or 31 Mar 1930 Redruth, Cornwall

    Mary BROWN b. abt 1808 Redruth, Cornwall d. 20 Jan 1887 Victoria, Aust.

    - parents John & Mary (maiden name unknown)

    From the children on the shipping record this would be the family in 1841:

    Transcript of Piece HO107/143 (Part 11)
    Book 15 Folio 21 Page 35
    Civil Parish of Redruth
    Benjamin GRIBBLE,30,,Copper Miner,In county,
    ,,Mary GRIBBLE,,35,,In county,
    ,,Mary ,,10,,In county,
    ,,Elizabeth ,,8,,In county,
    ,,Catherine ,,5,,In county,
    ,,Alice ,,3,,In county,
    ,,Jane ,,2m,,In county,

    How many Benjamin GRIBBLE / GRIBBELL with parents Samuel & Elizabeth were born in Redruth about 1810?

    Is there any way to determine if it is Elizabeth MARTIN or Elizabeth BOASS? Benjamin is possibly the youngest of four children with the first born about 1798. Can a marriage in Redruth around 1797 for a Samuel GRIBBLE be found? How many Samuel GRIBBLEs were born in Redruth between 1772 and 1778? Can one of the Elizabeths be eliminated somehow?

    How many Mary BROWNs were born in Redruth about 1808 with parents John & Mary? Probably difficult finding Mary's maiden name.



    Census and BMD information - Crown copyright in care of TNA

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    Hi Fred

    On Family Search a parent search for John and Mary Brown, shows their earliest child to be born in about 1793. There is a marriage of John Brown to Mary Worth on 02 Sep 1792 in Redruth. One of the sons is John Worth Brown.
    There is no proof that this is your Mary but it looks likely.

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    Hello KathNZ,

    Thank you very much. A possible but I've not yet come across any reference to the middle name Worth in information posted to trees or sent to me by GRIBBLE descendants.

    One good thing is that it seems the Redruth records are quite complete so I hope it means certain ones can be added as possibilities or eliminated.



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    Hello Fred
    There appears to only be one Benjamin Gribble with parents Samuel & Elizabeth b in Redruth. According to the IGI Samuel and Elizabeth had 4 children christened at Redruth
    Elizabeth 9 May 1803 Redruth, Cornwall, England
    Mary Michell 22 May 1808 Redruth, Cornwall, England
    John 29 September 1805 Redruth, Cornwall, England
    Benjamin 30 September 1810 Redruth, Cornwall, England

    These are all extracted records so should be reliable. Unfortunately I can't find a marriage on the IGI or OPC. On the IGI there are 2 marriages but they are not extracted
    Samuel m Elizabeth Boas 1797 Redruth (no sources)
    Samuel m Elizabeth Martin 1797 Redruth (no sources)


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    Hi Fiona,

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