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    Sorry Diane did I ever reply to you ? I seem to have been in a constant trying to put one foot after the next to survive.
    About Samuel i believe that a Richard Myer has the medals I do have an address for him if you can tell Maureen to email merrill at NZ - I have found our more bits and pieces about Samuel - He was registered and has no father shown to Hannan Merrill later Marrall - so that took a bit of searching Samuel was a Bombardier (Gunner) served in Egypt Afghanistan etc.
    I have a photo of him with medals (not marvellous) All the impetus went out of me after losing our daughter and then Reg but have to keep going don't we

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    Is anyone still researching this family please. I've had a break from my research and am now eager to restart with the Marrall family. Would love to hear from anyone - especially Padua in NZ.

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