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    patrick barnes

    Default John McMahon, Army Barrack Hill

    Hi all,

    Iv'e recently discovered that my Great grandfather, John McMahon served in the Army betwwen the years 1911 and 1930. He lived and married in Cavan town so I was wondering if it likely that he served at the barracks on barrack hill, assuming that there was an Army barracks there. If this is the case, would anyone know what Army units served there at this time, are the barracks still there and are there any achives present where I can find out more information about the soldiers serving there and history on the barracks.

    Many thanks,


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    There is a lot on the Internet about O Neill Barracks Cavan, so many site's, they could not all be put here
    the quickest way is, O Neill Barracks Cavan' in your search engine.



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