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    Cool Margaret Jardine of Braswell

    Hi all, I am trying to trace some info regarding my gt gt grandmother, Margaret Jardine who was born in Braswell in 1877 and died in 1951. I am looking for info on her parents but there are so many Margaret Jardines I am now sure how to go about it. My aunt has been looking but only recently found out where Braswell is.

    Thanks in advance

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    I tried a Google search for "Braswell, Dumfrieshire" and couldn't find a place with that name. Whereabouts did your Aunt find it? What's it near?
    Was JARDINE her maiden name?

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    Braswell is a small hamlet in Dumfrieshire, and she found out through another relative. Jardine was her maiden name, she married a Thomas William Graham, but I do not know where or when.

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    Please close this thread, I will try another way of finding the information.


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