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    Hi All,

    Looking at the record search facility for the Baptism of William Kilner 1791 in Yorkshire I found two which match but have different Batch No's so which film would I order?

    William Kilner 07 Aug 1791, West Clayton, York, Eng. Parents Joshua & Martha Kilner. Batch No: 104566-5. System Origin Eng-EASy Source Film No 1542173.

    The other is William Kilnor 07 Aug 1791, High Hoyland, York, Eng. Parents as Joshua & Martha Kilnor. Batch No: C10655-3 System Origin England-ODM Source Film No 919306.

    I understand that the batch number starting with C is for christenings.
    West Clayton is a parish of High Hoyland, Yorkshire.
    To add to all this there are four references to the marriage of William's parents Joshua Kilner & Martha Lockwood on 11 July 1791.

    Is it just to make sure they cover all the bases?


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    The relevant number for ordering is the Film number, not the Batch number.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy600 View Post
    Source Film No 1542173.
    Source Film No 919306.
    You can check the LDS catalogue to see what is on each film.

    Go here.
    Enter each film number in turn (no full points at the end) and Search.
    Click the blue link to find details of the coverage of each.

    In this case you'll see that one film is the parish registers, while the other is the bishop's transcripts (copies of the registers made annually for the diocese).

    If you want to order only one, it's probably best to go for the parish registers. But the BTs may contain slight differences of detail, so you could always order both and cross-check them.

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    Hi Kerrywood,

    Thank you - that's brilliant! Now I understand.... Tonight is the first time that I have been on the pilot site and have found it useful.

    Regards Karen


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