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    Starting to feel at home.
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    Thanks for your suggestions Trish,


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    Default 1871 census lookup for George Ahearn

    Requesting a lookup in the 1871 census for a George Ahearn. Born Liverpool 1864, parents possibily Danial & Mary Ahearn both born Ireland. Older siblings to George were Mary age approx 10 and John age approx 8, both born Ireland.

    In the census Ahearn may be spelled as: Ahearn, Ahearne, Ahern, Aherne.

    Thank you.

    Colman Ahern.

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    Default Ahearn


    New to the Board and thought I would offer to do your look-up. I did a search of the 1871 and 1881 census for George Ahearn (using soundex) living in Lancashire. I couldn't find a reference. Interestingly there is a Mary C Ahearn and a Mary E. Ahern both born in about 1864 living in Liverpool (and West Derby). Not sure if either of these is your Mary.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    Default james and sarah

    Hi Amanda,
    The James and Mary A Moore ( Mary died in 1878 )you are researching happen to be related to myself, they married in 1870 and had 3 children isabella, b. 1873 James b,1875,
    Mary A, b 1877
    James remarried to Charlotte Waring and had another 2 children
    Arthur b.1882 (my grandfather )
    Latitia b.1885
    Arthur married Florence Winnifred Barry in 1907 and lived at 19 Cubbon Street
    children :- Florence b.1911, died 1913 ( measles )
    Christopher ( my father )

    ps . The Sarah ( maiden name Miller ) on the 1861 census is James Mother and William is his brother.
    Hope this is of some help to you.
    Cheers Chris

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    Hi Chris,

    This is a fairly old thread and Amanda has not been on the forum in over 12 months so may not see your reply.

    You can check when someone was last on by left clicking on their name then clicking on View public profile.

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    Default james moore

    Hi Amanda seems like we are researching the same family tree, I have traced my tree back to Sarah Moore 1861 census ,her son James is my Great Grandfather,are we related ?
    thanks Chris

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    Default james moore

    o.k Procat thanks

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    Default moore

    Hi Amanda this happens to be my family you are looking up I myself have traced back to 1861 are you part of my family

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