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    Default coniah wallis and family

    Coniah Walliss Haverhill Suffolk, his daughter Rebecca married William Nunn Haverhill on December 25th 1852. Their daughter Christiana was my husband Herbert George Woodgate's grandmother.

    I'm looking for any Wallis/Nunn/Woodgate connections.

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    Hi there - welcome to Brit-Gen,

    I am not connected to the families that you mention, but have an interest in Haverhill as it is close to Castle Camps, from where one branch of my family hail.

    Have you seen this burial for Coniah?

    19th October 1870 at Haverhill Cemetery, Coniah Wallis, aged 69, Occupation: Drabbet Weaver

    By the way, just for interest, drabbet was a course but hard wearing linen-like material used for smocks, the working clothes of most rural workers. It was the denim of its day and Haverhill became a famous centre for the making of drabbet smocks.

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    Thank you for the information about Coniah Wallis and his background. I wondered what Drabbet was.

    My husbands family all seem to have stayed put in Suffolk, being either weavers or Ag Labs. His Grandfather broke with tradition and joined the Suffolk Regiment in 1892.

    Best wishes

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    Coniah Wallis is my 3rd great grandfather. you can find him (and me) on but the following made me feel I knew him better when I came across them

    28.6.1843 bury & norwich post
    second, Coniah Wallis. Extra. — Stephen Webb, for Cariots. Wm. Leek, Onions. Wm. Hayes, Apples. Thos. Bradman, a Fuschia. George Farrant, a Geranium. Win. Leek, for Cabbages. Owing to the lateness of the season, the contributions from the cottagers were

    30.6.1843 chelmsford chronicle
    Coniah Wallis, best turnip, and bet gooseberries. Win. Burton. turnips.— Thomas Bradman, best nosegay and best gooseberries.— Jas. Farrant. 2nd best nosegay


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