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    Default Calvinistic Methodist Chapel's in Pennal

    Hello all
    Can any one please help, my G G Greatgrandfather David Lewis was born in Pennal, Merionethshire, abt 1764 he was also married to Martha, in Pennal, the only child I know off is my G. Greatgrandfather also David Lewis born 11 April 1785.
    Can any one tell me the number of chapels in Pennal about that time, as I have no idea were to start looking for births or marriages.
    My G. Greatgrandmother Margaret Williams was born in 17 November 1793 Frongaled, Llanddwywe, Merionethshire
    I gess that is were they married so again would there be a lot of chapels.
    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.
    Kind regards Sue

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    Have you looked at the GenUKI entry for Pennal? There are Parish records from 1721 onwards for Pennal held at Merioneth record office apparently. No idea if non-Conformist records are also held or not - but worth asking.

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    For non-conformist records - have you tried those online via BMDregisters (free to search pay to view full record); this is also available to those with a subscription to TheGenealogist.

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    Thankyou both for your help,
    I will have a look at the Genealogist, I did not know about that one.
    Kind regards sue

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    where to start looking for births or marriages.
    At that time the marriage would have to have been in the established church so don't waste time looking for a chapel marriage.

    TNA catalogue includes -

    MERIONETHSHIRE: Pennal (Welsh Calvinistic Methodist): Births & Baptisms 1802-1836 RG 4/4034
    MERIONETHSHIRE: Pennal (Wesleyan): Baptisms 1820

    Since you have to check the parish church for a marriage, it might be as well to also check there for baptisms before looking further afield.

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    Hi Peter
    Thankyou so much for the advice and help I really appreciate it.
    Kind regards Sue


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