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    Default SMITH family in Fetteresso

    Hi my name is Fian and I am researching my family tree some of my peeps came from Fetteresso in Kincardinshire and I have come across an enigma just wondering if there are any local people with local knowledge who may be able to help.
    I have a large group of family to sort out but I am currently concentrating on the Smith/Watson family this is the info I have so far
    6th generation
    Charles Smith M Margaret Scroggie 1816 Durris they had the following children
    Charles 1816 Isabel 1818 George 1819 Margaret 1821 David 1823 (margaret and David are listed as twins on 1841 census) Robert 1825 (my direct line) Alexander 1827 William 1829 Jean (jane) 1833 James 1837
    Margaret 1821 married George Watson and Robert 1825 married Mary Robertson.
    The family where farmers in Brachmount in 1841 and 1851 however there is a 2nd entry for a George Smith with possible members of the family at a farm in East Brachmount on the 1851 census. can anyone tell me if there where more than 1 smith family in the area at the time and if they where related? Alot of the information on both 1851 census entry's overlaps and I am not sure who is the real family and if the other one is related. Phew! sorry for such a big 1st post but need to crack this one if I can. thank you for your help and I hope that I will be able to return the help soon.

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    There are some useful links here and also on (put www. in front)
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    Have you found these people on the 1871 and 1861 censuses? One way to sort out who is who would be to look at the birth, marriage and death records of those who survived until 1855 or later.

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    Any connection to Isabel Scroggie born 1799 Durris who married David Stephen?
    I am following the Stephen line.

    You mention George Smith....I believe Isabel and David (above) had a son George Smith Stephen
    1851 census age 4, Denside Road, Back Dyke, Brackmont, Durris, Kincardineshire.

    There's an old map on the SCRAN website "Map of Durris Estate, Kincardineshire, 1871"
    showing the plots of land which I've found very useful in tracking my ancestors who were crofters in
    different parts of Durris. The spelling was Brachmont in 1871. Small fee to access the website for a year.
    Also you can find modern photos of the area if you search for the website "geograph" (no 'y' on the end)
    "photograph every grid square".
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