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    Thank you for trying to help.

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    Hi Terrie,

    Just letting you know I haven't given up yet! I have tried to find a Caroline Smart to fit with her having a son William, I looked at possible marriages and drew a blank, I also searched census records for a William and mother Caroline without entering a surname, and looked for deaths.

    I found 1, Law Court in 1851, living there is Henry James, 23, a chimney sweeper.

    I sympathise with you, it truly is a brick wall.
    Just to update on what I've found. I'm convinced that there is a blood relationship between either the individual known as William Smart or the one known as Ellen Jones (Williams). Both my cousin and myself have several dna matches with different lines of descendants from William Loverage 1740 - 1831 and Margaret Devyer 1740 - 1822. These are also ancestors of the John Loveridge my family lived with.

    Another dna match indicated that William Smart and Ellen Jones also had a daughter Maria born in 1885 and adopted after the death of Ellen. GRO, baptism and census records seem to confirm this. Not quite sure where I go with this from here, but I'll keep plodding away.

    Thank you for your help.

    It would seem that

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