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    Hi there, Looking for the birth of JOHN Elliot brn 1768 may have brn. in HOBKIRK as his children were all brn. there as his marriage in 1797 to Elizabeth Taylor. The purpose of this exserice is to find the names of his parents Hoping to hear from you. Cheers, Trish

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    This may sound like a silly question but have you looked in the IGI in Mormons site?
    John bapt 25/9/1768 father Archibald.
    Member submitted so cannot be trusted to get it right.
    Many errors.
    Another entry has father as John.
    Another member has submitted marriage to Betsy/Betty Taylor 1797
    Sorry I'm not of much help.
    IGI not being updated have you tried their pilot site??

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    Thumbs up Pilot site.

    Thanks Georgie for your reply. Didn't know about the pilot site will have a look.. cheers, Trish


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