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    Red face

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    looby, that is a very kind offer. Thank you.

    Though you might have to forget the look-ups in any registers still held by the church. The vicar can legally charge you to look through them - think it's currently about 21. Bit steep to fork out on the off-chance that you might find one entry for someone, though obviously worth it if it's your relatives you're trying to find.

    No problem, can't give much back in the other type of family history search area so am glad to be able to help locally! I suppose the church has to make some money somewhere!! I'm not a 'Hall', but if somebody is desperate, I'm sure we can sort something out!

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    Hi looby1660,

    Very kind offer of your research/photos services.

    I too live in the area, (well Sedgefield way), and soon due for a visit to Sheriff Hutton to scrutinize 'St Helen and the Holy Cross Church' for the Plumer, Preston and Hall Family members. The HALL/Plumer/Preston families are within my direct lineage, as is Alice Hall and her husband, Thomas Plumer are my 7th Great Grandparents. Alice Hall was the one whom inherited the Manor of 'Lilling Hall' in East Lilling, North Riding Yorkshire, England thus bringing the property within the Plumer Family line. If you would like to join myself whilst I spend a day visit in Sheriff Hutton I would welcome. I have a questionable gap in the Plumer Family with two of the people relating to Burial/Death. The Church holds the key to provide researched proof. Let me know.


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    Smile Due for Visit to Sheriff Hutton

    Hi Looby,

    Just a nice note to say that later this week I will be visiting Sheriff Hutton to do research on the Hall/ Plumer family from Lilling Hall, east Lilling area. Hope to hear from your soon.

    Preston Family Tree
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    PrestonFamily, sincere apologies for not replying to this message earlier. Time and life overtook me and I had to leave my ancestors for a while! Back on the case now, if you haven't yet been on your trip and want some company, I am happy to meet you in Sheriff.

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    Thanks for posting this link..

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