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    Quote Originally Posted by Pam Downes View Post
    So do I presume that the George Prince you are supposed to take after is the one you referred to in your first post?

    If so, that then begs the question - who has told you this? Did they know George Prince, or have they just seen a photo of him, or a family portrait?
    If you've traced your family back and your link to the Prince family is through Sarah, then either George is not a direct ancestor, or else he pre-dates Sarah. Do you know the names of Sarah's parents?

    Sarah prince's father is William Prince 1766-1844 her mother is Margaret firman 1768-1860
    Sarah's Grandparents are Stephen firman 1725-1768,sarah Grey goose 1733-1818,_Thomas Prince 1741-1809,sarah Turner 1743-1803.
    Yes George Prince is the one I am trying to find out more about, I know he must be in my line somewhere as we look so much alike, I just don't know what line.
    I have a photo of George Prince and one of myself, I found his photo on the Find my past website, there was a story about the Prince family and photos. He was born December 22nd 1815 and married to Sarah bowman,

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    Hello everyone,

    I too am related to William PRINCE born 1638, my 8th Great Grandfather born Mildenhall, Suffolk

    He begat William Prince (1663-1711) ( I am using death date of 1711 as he was deceased when his son was apprenticed to a butcher then), who married Mary Marham
    They begat Robert Prince 1700 -1769
    He begat Thomas Prince 1741-1809
    He begat William B Prince 1766-1844 who married Margaret (Peggy) Firman
    He begat Elizabeth Prince 1804-1887
    Elizabeth Prince married William Nunn
    They begat Maria Nunn (1828-1916) who married Benjamin Turner (1826 - 1906)
    Benjamin Turner begat William James Turner in Nile, Tasmania
    who married Julia Ann Antone (1862-1906)
    They begat Benjamin William Turner who married my Grandmother Annie Lillian Grandfield in Tasmania and then my Mum then Me in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Funnily enough, a close girlfriend of mine for 25 years and I were sitting together one day doing genealogy, and I noticed she had the surname Firman in her tree. I made a comment, we started comparing trees and found out we are related!

    I am happy to share any info I have. My tree is hidden on Ancestry at the moment after having it open for almost 20 years, due to the wonderful windows update that went through and corrupted my file,gave m,e almost 280 duplicates and lost a whole heap of photos and files. I am in the process of repairing it but have taken it offline as I don't want anyone copying my errors, I want to get rid of them first! I am happy to share to those of you who want to have a look with the proviso that you take everything with a pinch of salt if you see something odd. It's taking me hours to fix!
    Kind regards
    Sue McKoy nee Chesshire, Mount Evelyn, outer suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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