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So do I presume that the George Prince you are supposed to take after is the one you referred to in your first post?

If so, that then begs the question - who has told you this? Did they know George Prince, or have they just seen a photo of him, or a family portrait?
If you've traced your family back and your link to the Prince family is through Sarah, then either George is not a direct ancestor, or else he pre-dates Sarah. Do you know the names of Sarah's parents?

Sarah prince's father is William Prince 1766-1844 her mother is Margaret firman 1768-1860
Sarah's Grandparents are Stephen firman 1725-1768,sarah Grey goose 1733-1818,_Thomas Prince 1741-1809,sarah Turner 1743-1803.
Yes George Prince is the one I am trying to find out more about, I know he must be in my line somewhere as we look so much alike, I just don't know what line.
I have a photo of George Prince and one of myself, I found his photo on the Find my past website, there was a story about the Prince family and photos. He was born December 22nd 1815 and married to Sarah bowman,