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    Default Was Robert Howard, b 1537, a Tudor?

    There's much controversey about the report of Margaret Douglas, granddaughter of King Henry VII, having a son, Robert Howard, born about Jan. 1537. He supposedly was the son of Lord Thomas Howard, with whom she had a secret affair.

    About 50% of the Howard family trees that I've visited claim him as being the ancestor of Matthew Howard, born about 1609, who emigrated to Virginia in 1635. Arguments on both sides seem plausible. Has any more information surfaced that would either confirm or deny Robert Howard's claim to the Tudors?

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    I believe that she did have an affair with Thomas Howard and he was sent to the Tower as a result? - But I've no idea if she had a child as a result of the affiar. Does Robert's mum's will give any information? - Margaret, Countess of Lennox

    Are there any visitations which record a pedigree?

    Any information held by the College of Arms?


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