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    Default Miller in Wick, Caithness

    This is my mother's family. Her grandfather did this research, pre-IGI, and drew up a beautiful family tree. I wonder if anyone has any connections with Millers in Wick?

    David Miller born 1724 Wick, Caithness. Son of David. Married Jean Taylor.

    James Miller born 1759 Wick, Caithness. Married Elizabeth Sandison.

    David Miller born 1780 Kilmer, Wick, Caithness. Married Ann Cormac.

    James Miller born 1829, married Margaret Moir in Glasgow.

    William Miller born 1865, married Gertrude Viufhuis (Dutch name) in 1889

    Dorothy Miller born 1896 in Suffolk. (My grandmother)

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    Girsel Miller born 1704 was my 6 x great grandmother, and father was Andrew Miller, from Caithness. (fingers crossed)


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