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    Default Was there a Ewell school in Banff abt 1865 ?

    Does anyone know of a Ewell school in Banffshire which would have been in existence about 1865 ? One of my relatives, born 1851, was educated at Nairn and at Ewell so I'm guessing it might be within Banffshire somewhere. I know it wasn't at the Ewell in Surrey. Alistair

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    Cant answer your question but, if no one can answer you ( i have googled and cant see it mentioned) it might be worth posting your a question in the local paper
    There is a section called Seeking The Past where you can post.............

    Or ask at (www.) - follow the local heritage link on the site - they are very helpful.

    Good luck
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    Default Ewell in Banffshire

    Thanks for the links which I will follow up now.


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