This has been published before, (in March) but I thought that since then, someone may have thoughts on it, so am doing it again with the hope that there is a result out there.
You people are so great at solving MY riddles

I have the confirmed BIRTH of Edward Robertson as 11th Feb, 1821, Christened 15th Feb 1821, son of JOHN ROBERTSON/Margaret (More?)St James' Episcopal Church, Constitution Street, Leith.
This has been Verified at the Research Centre in Edinburgh but nothing else was found.
I already have Edward's marriage etc....THANKS TO THE GREAT HELP FROM HERE AND ELSEWHERE.....
BUT...Can anyone assist me with the Marriage of John please???...
The family then, seemed to be from Sth Leith area. Also furhter on they are all from this area.
Not to say ofcourse, that John and Margaret were Married...and were from there, but I cannot think of any where else. Nothing comes up anywhere..
This is my Gt Gt Grandfather...and a real Brick Wall for me, and I really would be grateful for any help or a Marriage Cert where abouts.... Thanks...