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    Default Vale at Namoi R born c 1854

    I have an Ellen Vale supposedly born Namoi R NSW 1853-1854. Her death cert in Qld lists informant as George Cuthill reputed husband. His death cert says he was married at Namoi NSW to Ellen Cox when he was age 30 ie abt 1874. First child born Feb 1878. 2nd child a son born Dec 1879 states mother was Ellen Vale age 26 born Namoi and in marriage details column it says illegitimate. There are number of Vale children and also an Edith Florence Cox with mother Ellen Cox born and died 1883 who could fit in amongst the Vale children. As far as I know there is no record of Ellen's birth and no marriage plus no parent details on the death cert. I don't know where the Cox name comes from either. Has anyone any idea how I could trace Ellen's parentage?

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    not sure which children you have but there are 4 listed on QLD BDM with Mother Ellen VALE and father George CUTHELL, note spelling with "E" not "I".
    According to QLD BDM there is a George deceased in 1902 and his parents are listed as John CUTHELL and Martha KELT.


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    I have an Ellen Vale supposedly born Namoi R NSW 1853-1854.
    You could see if there are baptism records available for the Namoi River area of New South Wales. There were many births that were never registered, but there are a lot of church records available, these are not in the BDM index once civil registration began.

    It could be a mistaken maiden name for Ellen on the husband's death certificate or she used both surnames. Did you get the Cox birth certificate to see if it was the same Ellen? It seems that there was never a marriage, from the wording "reputed" husband, and the fact that the second child was down as illegitimate.


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