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    Default Cuthell Family of St Ninians Stirlingshire

    I'm looking for possible descendants of James Cuthell and Mary McGowan who had a large family christened at St Ninians between 1761 and 1782 or for deaths of the children. There was a family will that was contested for many years by nieces and nephews of a brother of James. Only one member of James' family, a grandson, was mentioned so it appears that most of James' children must have died without issue. Would there be burial records kept anywhere that would verify that these babies christened at St Ninians all died young.

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    Default Cuthell Family of St Ninians Stirlingshire

    I think that I may be one of the descendents that you are looking for. I am descended from a James Cuthell/Cuthill, who I have identified as most likely being the grandson of the James Cuthell and Mary McGowan that you mention. If you are still interested, I would be very happy to share more information with you.


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