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    Default Colton, Furlong from Brocca/Clonaslee

    I am looking for my Co[u]lton and Furlongs ancestors.
    Andrew Colton died 1885 in Brocca (I have his Death certificate)
    His wife Jane Furlong died 1883 in Brocca (again I have her death certificate)
    Andrew Colton, Clonaslee, married Jane Furlong, Tinnehinch, 28 November 1835, at Clonaslee

    I have the children of this marriage but have been singularly unsuccessful in learning more about Andrew's and Jane's ancestors.

    Any ideas?

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    The Colton surname and Laoise will get Colton & Furlong connections. These are Irish Civil Registrations and certificates for those named there can be obtained from

    Clonaslee cemetery records.
    Furlong Isabel; 84, married, Ashbrook; 26/12/1973

    Furlong William; 87, farmer, Widower, Ashbrook; 18/12/1974

    I did not find any Colton in these records.


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