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    Default Glen & Halliburton

    Once again, thank you for all that information on Scottish marriage, it's extremely interesting, I think they had a good system really.
    This is definately the right family, it fits all the information I already have. It seems John Glen was born in about 1817, which is what I had given to me by another source, but wasn't sure about.
    The Dunn name is a good clue, as is the middle name of another daughter, Janet Anderson Glen.
    My grandfather's name was Hector MacDonald Glen and his daughter's middle name is also MacDonald. I spoke to her the other day and asked her about the name MacDonald, and she has never known were it came from except that it was also her father's middle name.
    I will do a bit more searching for the Alexander Glen and Catherine Dunn, I need to write this all out so I know who I'm looking for, it gets a bit complicated.
    you're a wealth of information !

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    Default Other Researchers ...

    Hi yet again Ann (you'll be getting sick of me!),

    I found a request from earlier this year re John GLEN & Agnes (from a descendant of Charles?) on another forum (GenForum);
    I looked up the email address and have emailed the submitter with the reference to this thread.
    Hope you don't mind.

    But now I also find a reference (also earlier this year) on yet another forum from the same person (again relating to Charles who went to Texas - referred to as Charles Halliburton GLEN):
    (hope that works - yell if it doesn't and I'll make it into a tiny url).
    Incidentally, I'm a bit taken aback that a particular poster on that thread uses the expression "common law marriage" ...

    Given that, it's interesting that, on that thread, it says that Charles's birth cert (Mar 1879) refers to him as illegitimate!
    I wonder what the birth certs of the other children say!
    I suspect that, if push came to shove in a Scots court of law, that would have been overturned!
    Especially as John GLEN had acknowledged Agnes as his wife in the 1871 census!
    And surely they would have been regarded as man and wife by their local community ...
    Who knows!
    I guess it depended on who had more clout and/or money (John, no doubt).

    But all turned out well in the end as John & Agnes were married in Aug 1879, and that would have legitimated all their children!

    On we go ...


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    Hello Ann,
    we found some of your correspondence with different sites regarding the Glen family and would love to share wih you the family as it is here in South Africa. Your grandfather? I think is our grandfathers half brother. Please can we talk? my e-mail address is alison {at}
    Angelal Glen
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