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    Question Old Maps

    Hello everyone

    I want to get old maps into my tree.
    What type of scanner or camera would libraries allow you to use?
    My hunch is they would be more tolereant of a "column by column" PORTABLE scanner that fits in one's pocket and can be moved over a stationary document

    Any ideas?

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    You might find it better to go to your local library and ask them to photocopy the relevant area on the map, you can then scan it in yourself and you still have a hard copy.

    Have a read here for copyright issues.

    Or see thread on forum main page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnF
    What type of scanner or camera would libraries allow you to use?
    Permission to use such devices is a matter for individual record offices; some may allow them, some may not. I would think that a decent digital camera (with permission) may be your best bet.

    As suggested by Aland, do check as to the terms of use for any images taken. If you wish to publish the images on a web-site of your family research you may breach copyright or the terms of the licence permitting photographs to be taken.


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