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    Default Marriage between Hancock/Lee


    I have drawn a blank trying to find any marriage records for a marriage between a Margaret Hancock (Carmarthen b abt 1838) and George Lee (Combe Martin Devon b abt 1833), they were married according to the 1861 Wales census and living in what looks like Dame Street in the parish of St Peters Carmarthen, their son Henry was born in Carmarthen in 4th Quarter of 1861 but I cannot find any trace of their marriage, can anyone help?

    Many Thanks

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    I cannot find one either.
    It does seem strange seeing as she lived there, was christened there and her parents married there.

    There is a marriage for a Margaret Hancock/e in Carmarthen in June 1856 but it is not to George Lee. 11a/873

    The two other males on the page are
    James Cowen/Cowin
    Charles Lewes/Lewis

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    Thanks Mutley, I saw that also and then tried doing a search on a Margaret Cow* or a Margaret Lew* to a George Lee but got nowhere

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    I tried also, thinking he may have died and then she married George but without any luck at all. I tried just George to Margaret 56 -71 but nothing like them, though I had to limit it to Carmarthen because there were too many.
    There are Lewis families in the census living very close by but that does not help. There just does not seem to be a possible marriage anywhere for George Lee.


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    Thanks for looking anyway, I wondered if they were married at sea or overseas but that seems unlikely given the timeframe involved, doubt I'll ever get to the bottom of this one!!

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    Sorry to resurrect this post but I've also been looking into the Margaret Hancock/George Lee mystery while researching the Lee family. Following a clue from the 1891 census, of a nephew living in the Lee household, I also came to the conclusion Margaret's maiden name was Hancock. As the Carmarthenshire records are now online I concur that our Margaret Hancock married James Cowen/Cowin in 1856, with James being from the Isle of Man. I did find a birth record on the Isle of Man for a William James Cowin, son of James and Margaret, but following this family through the census records Margaret's mother is living with the family in the 1881 census which confirms this family is not the same as the Margaret Hancock/James Cowin family.

    After their marriage I can't find any trace of Margaret & James together, either through census records or possible baptisms of children, so I can only conclude that he either went missing at sea, died abroad or they split up with Margaret and George Lee living as man and wife without a formal marriage.

    If you've since solved this mystery I'd be interested in finding out more.


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