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    I am looking for any information on Sarah Faulkner. She was born in County Tyrone on 2-Oct-1827. Parents and specific location unknown. She moved to the US and died in New Jersey 12-May-1912.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    G'day from Australia
    There were many FAULKNERS in Tyrone in the 1800's
    My own roots extend back to the small townland of Killoon just north of Stewartstown
    There were in the 1820's a good number of the family in and around Cookstown
    My line extends from William FAULKNER b c 1800 and Sarah FAULKNER (nee KELLY) b 1804
    Sarah was quite a popular name in the family
    In the 1850's many Faulkners immigrated given the potatoe famine - popular destinations were USA - especially New York and Philadelphia, Canada and Australia - especially Port Phillip (later Melbourne)
    The Faulkners in Tyrone were largely flax growers and some were in the Linen trade eg the Faulkners of Wellbrook
    The Sarah to whom you refer may have descended from one of William's brothers. William's children were born in the period 1823 - 1841
    One was Sarah Ann b 1834 - Sarah died at age 15 on the voyage to Australia
    William had himself gone to Philadelphia and had hoped to bring his wife and children over but he died there unexpectedly in 1848
    Best wishes in your search
    regards - wayne faulkner


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