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    Default helen fyfe - more info?

    hi amanda, not sure if you have this info or not....

    there is a possible death for helen fyfe on scotlands people website. - i havent viewed it as i had no credits, (sorry) but the search criteria i used were as follows:

    i didnt put in any counties, etc.
    helen fyfe other surnames drysdale. 1912. aged 80yrs

    - only 3 years out on age given in 1881 census, so quite a good possibility. if it is her, you would get both her parents names including her mother's maiden surname.

    my apologies if you already have this info.

    kind regards,

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    Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    I hadn't tried that yet, don't know why really, it seems most obvious doesn't it!!

    Anyway i will be renewing my credits again when i have all my information ready so i will check that then!

    Many thanks again


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