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    Default Latin abreviations

    8 Apr 1663 Joseph Sands fil. Samuell ibm

    Hello Scribes,

    Can anyone help me with what looks like a Latin abreviation,its a burial entry,and its the ibm at the end which is a problem.

    A thought did flash through my mind....................but no,no electricity in 1663
    we won't go there.

    Any thoughts would be apreciated.

    Dave in Inskip

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    Hi Dave,

    Latin and I were never best buddies, but could it be an abbreviation for ibidem, meaning "in the same place"?

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    Depending on its position in relation to the other words in the entry, perhaps ibidem, meaning in the same place ?


    Ooh Jan you're so quick

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    Cool Latin abr.

    Hello Scribes,my thanks to all who answered my cry for help,answers sound good and links noted,getting back to it now.

    Think we can call this closed now,

    Bye for now

    Dave in Inskip

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    Hi Dave

    Which Sands family are you researching? I have loads of stuff for Shropshire.


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    Default Latin

    Hello Cradley,sorry about the confusion,I do not have a Sands in my tree,the Sands i was quoting was from the Parish register i am transcribing for FreeReg.

    I didn't make that clear.

    Best wishes

    Dave in Inskip


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