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    Default Norfolk Transcription Archive

    For anyone who isn't aware, there is a project to assist those with Norfolk research. This website, the Norfolk Transcription Archive:

    has 476,000 entries, inlcuding nearly 700 photos. It isn't intended to provide all the answers, but is rather a resarch aid to enocurage you to use original sources and to make easier for you to locate reocrds of interest, so you can make best use of your time in record centres.

    Charlbury, Oxfordshire

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    Thanks Geoffers.
    Found this site most useful


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    <FONT face="Abadi MT Condensed Light">Glad you like it. One thing I forgot to mention in my original post - most information can be found using the search engines on site. However, there are some extras which of which some people aren't aware.


    To see the photos on site, select the 'oarishes' link and then parish of interest. If we have photos available, then there will be an obvious link on the left side of the screen. The thumbnail images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

    Larger towns also have a place entry in the parish link - e.g. there are all the parishes of Norwich on site, but also one for just Norwich as some photos of the city cannot be tied down to a single parish.

    Parish Information and parish links.

    From the home page select 'parishes' then the parish of interest. On the right of the screen, you should see links to Genuki, Paddy Apling's website and some stuff which doesn't fit neatly into any other section of the website which we call 'Parish information' - This is not indexed and won't turn up using the search engine.

    Not all parishes have these odd snippets. But examples of what turns up might be the list of 27 people who died of smallpox in Smallburgh in 1742 or the newspaper extract about Emily Whittleton who was killed by lightening in 1867 in the same parish.
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