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    Default Abbreviations used in ADM 171 (Medal Rolls)

    This information was originally in a post by forum member Billgardner. It has been turned into a sticky as it seems very useful.

    This might help you work out what some of the notations on the medal cards mean.

    iv) Abbreviations found in ADM 171
    Interpretation of the abbreviations used in some of the medal rolls:

    1914 ST. or 14 ST. = 1914 Star 1914 ST. C. = 1914 Star and Clasp
    ST. = 1914-1915 Star B. = British War Medal
    V. = Victory Medal

    Comments and remarks:
    R. = Run (See F. below)
    D. = Discharged with Disgrace
    DUPS. = Duplicates issued
    I.C.1000/1914, etc. = Refers to relevant N.L. (Wills paper)

    Issued details:
    S. = Self
    FR. = Father
    MR. = Mother
    SR. = Sister
    BR. = Brother
    W. = Wife
    WW. = Widow
    DR. = Daughter
    GODMR. = Godmother
    GODFR. = Godfather
    GRDMR. = Grandmother
    GRDFR. = Grandfather
    UNIV. LEG. = Universal Legatee
    RES.LEG. = Residual Legatee
    LEG.REP. = Legal Representative
    EXECR. = Executor
    EXECX. = Executrix
    ADMINR. = Administrator
    ADMINX = Administratix
    A.M. = Issued to Air Ministry for disposal to man
    W.O. = Issued to War Office for disposal to man
    B.o.T. = Issued to Board of Trade for disposal to man
    By A.M. = Issued by Air Ministry (for service in RAF)
    By W.O. = Issued by War Office (for service in Army)
    By B.o.T. = Issued by Board of Trade (for service in the Merchant Service)
    F. = Forfeited ("R"(Run) or "D"(Discharged with Disgrace) normally a code or reason is given
    C. of P. = Commissioner of Police
    N.O....... = Navy Office Wellington etc.
    Ottawa = Dept.of National Defence Ottawa
    Nav.Rep. = Naval Representation, Commonwealth of Australia
    Athens = British Naval Mission to Greece
    D.R.I.M. = Director Royal Indian Marine
    3920000 etc. = Refers to relevant Medal issue paper

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    Thank you Procat

    My Ancestor served in WWI and was awarded the 1914-15 STAR, Victory Medal and the British War Medal. Sharing the above information re: abbreviations has helped me to decipher some important infortmation pertaining to these Medals.

    Many thanks.


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    Very helpful indeed. Thanks Doug
    Sadly, our friend Vanessa, passed away 29th. February 2012.

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    Dont thank me. Thank Billgardner the original poster.


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