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    Default LLandecwyn - Mistake on Ancestry

    People with an interest in the Merioneth Parish of Llandecwyn who have a subscription to Ancestry's Welsh Census Collection might be interested to know that Ancestry has made a serious mistake in their index.

    Llandecwyn has been transcribed as Llanddwywe, so if you have been frustrated in looking for a Llandecwyn ancestor and failed to find him or her in 1871 try putting Llanddwywe in the Civil Parish search option!

    I have informed Ancestry of this mistake, but there is no telling when, or if, they will correct it.
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    All of the mistakes made by the Ancestry transcribers are serious when they keep people from finding ancestors. Don't forget, these are the transcribers who gave us Somalia for Somerset, Norway for Norfolk, etc. One can hardly be surprised that they had trouble with place names in Wales.


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    What is done to Welsh names if horrific. I shudder almost on a daily basis.

    Yesterday, I got in touch with SOG about an entry in Carmarthenshire that was misleading. I've just checked and it's been corrected. At least they're on the ball.


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