People who research family history are very generous with their time and help, especially towards those new to research. This is great because it shows what a friendly bunch we all are.

However, there are certain things which are not allowed and this includes breaching copyright or licence - At the top of many forums are 'sticky' messages which give helpful advice, they are worth reading.

Generally if you have to register or subscribe to a site, that site will have terms and conditions of membership which do not allow you to directly copy and paste transcriptions and indexes.

Even free sites such as 'freebmd' have conditions of use which which prohibit simply copying and pasting entries in the 'freebmd' format.

Other free access sites may contain similar restrictions on use.

However - There is nothing to stop you making some notes and typing those into a reply. Please include the source

Better still, on the basis that if you show someone how to find information they will be able to look for themselves - why not tell someone the name of a site and give advice on the best way to carry out a search?

The adminstrator has asked some volunteers - Moderators - to help look after the forums. Just like you they have limited time to spare, it would help them enormously if you would check the conditions of use of any site before you post information. The Moderators don't want to seem like killjoys, but will have to edit posts which do seem to breach copyright.

Thanks for your help and understanding.