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    I dont believe Ingleramus De Gourlay was the first Gourlay in Scotland. Hugh De Gourlay of Hailes Castle and his family were. I believe they came over in 1066 with th normans and were granted lands in Lothian. They signed up for the ragman roll and lost at the battle of Bannockburn forfeiting all land. Although I cant prove it I believe they fled the area and their flight took them across the forth to Fife where they settled.

    if this throws a spanner in the works then am sorry, i think Ingleramus was born in Hailes Castle
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    Hi all,
    Being a Gourlay myself, I've found this site extremely interesting. Decades ago, I read 'Robert Gourlay - gadfly' and I recall the author said that Robert had researched his family history back to 1174 when King William returned to Scotland from exile in France. The author said that Robert had found that the Gourlay who accompanied him home was named "Ignoramus" de Gourlay.
    I've been dining out on that amusing anecdote for years now, but it is with some relief that I find our ancestor's name to be "Ingleramus". Although,I suppose that Ignoramus may have been a common name at one time.
    Ingleramus was granted lands in Fife, on the promontory overlooking the Firth of Forth, with a responsibility for watching out for enemy shipping.
    Scotland basically invaded Northern Ireland in the early 17th century, under the Plantation of Ulster policy. The British Crown wanted to protestantise Northern Ireland, so encouraged all those Scottish Presbyterians to go and take up land there.
    My ancestor John Gourlay (the Gourlay landscape, as you know, is littered with John's) emigrated to Canada from County Tyrone in 1831, to begin the Canadian branch of the family.
    Gregory Gourlay

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