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    Default Manx drowning accident

    Looking for a death for Frank Harriman b Wolverhampton 1880 who apparently died in a drowning in the sea between 1891-1901 whilst on holiday with his parents & brothers.
    Is it possible to find a report of the accident.

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    The Belfast News-Letter (Friday, September 14, 1900; Issue 26557)

    "A Visitor to Douglas Drowned
    An inquest was held yesterday on Frank Harriman, of 152 Bidston Street, Wolverhampton, who was drowned while bathing in the Groudle, near Douglas on the 12th inst. The evidence proved that a Manchester visitor named George Lowther, with the deceased's mother, went to Groudle for the day. The deceased expressed a wish to bathe. He was not in the water more than three minutes, about twelve yards from the shore, when he called for assistance. Lowther went to the rescue, but the deceased sank before he was reached. Medical evidence proved that the deceased was seized with cramp, and drowned. A man named Hall, who recovered the body, said the beach was very much sloped, and where the body was found was six feet deep. A verdict of accidental drowning was returned."

    A brief reference in the Liverpool Mercury of the same day notes that the inquest was heard by the High Bailiff of Douglas and that the deceased was a tailor.

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    Default Frank Harriman

    Hi kerrywood

    Thanks so much for the report on the accidental drowning of Frank.
    I wasn't sure that I would get any response so I am delighted with the account.
    I shall share it with a nearer relative than I to Frank. I'm sure he too will be delighted.



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    hello Maggie
    I have only just found this site and I have just recently started tracing the Harriman Family Tree, i wonder can you tell me who are the parents of Frank Harriman b 1880.

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    Did I ever get back to you re your request. Many years overdue and possibly no longer of interest. Please reply to this if you would like some information. My gggrandma was a Harriman.
    Frank's parents were John Evans Harriman & Emma Dalton. I am sure you discovered this long ago.


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