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    Default Calverton Records anyone ?


    I am trying to clarify a couple of entries on the IGI. It is concerning the marriage of Samuel WEBBERLEY. There are two entries for his marriage both in Calverton, Nottingham and both are to a Mary DAY.

    One is dated 5th June 1878 and the other 5th June 1818. I would like to find out which is correct ( I cannot believe the coincidence of both being correct). I have looked on FreeBMD for the 1878 marriage and it does not appear. There is a second entry on the IGI for the 1818 date but without a brides name.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated especially if sks has access to Calverton parish records.

    I think Samuel was my 3 x g Grandfather



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    I have now found the answer to this conundrum so please don't waste any time on it,




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