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    Smile Chidgey Familiy Williton

    Hi all

    My great grandmother married a William Henry Simons, whose mother was Ann Chidgey of Williton. Ann Chidgey married William Hale Simons of St Decuman's. I have researched their parents too. Did you know that the parish records are on line? They were very helpful for me to trace the family members back. Although it get tricky when some have the same names. I will contact Kevin to see if he has any information which would be useful to me.

    The Simons family were tailors.

    I would love to make contact with any of my living relatives in Williton, Watchet and surrounding areas.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra06 View Post
    Hello Kevin, I'm interested in the book you wrote about the Chidgey family
    Can it be ordered online, can you help?? I'm also interested to learn if you have
    been able to get details of professions and perhaps even photos/paintings of some
    of the family members. My grandfather was Adrian Thomas Chidgey and his father was Thomas
    Chidgey, as was his father his father before that! - I know that one of the Thomas Chidgey's was a ship owner and also a painter - I believe some of his paintings are in Watchet or Dunster museum. He painter a self
    portrait of himself and one of my Uncles who lives is Williton, Somerset has that painting. Anyway, interested to learn more about your research and book.
    Sandra Chidgey
    Artist Thomas Chidgey 1855 - 1926.......I am related through my great great grandfather Robert J Nicholas (Captain Bob) 1859 who maried Elizabeth Ann Chidgey. I Have a painting that Chidgey did of Robert's Bristol Channel Pilot cutter No49....'Lizzie'
    I am just working on coppying the Chidgey family across to my family tree from someone else's.....both of us in Genes Reunited.
    Would very much like to get a photo of the picture of the artist that your uncle in Williton has. I am in N Devon so not far to go to visit Please email me a contact number/address to

    nippyblue7 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk
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    Red face St Decuman's Parish Records


    I am related to the Chidgey family of Watchet, details later, but for now - I've not seen anyone mention that the parish registers are on-line. I came across this piece of luck a good while ago which enabled me to trace my relative's ancestors back a short way.

    Do you already know this or do you want the URL of the site?

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    Hi Ann, No I didn't know that - would love to have the url for the various registers/churches online in Somerset. I only found some records from the Old Cleeve church. I was lucky to find one more link back to 1749 - but now I'm stuck. Will be grateful for your link info.
    Meanwhile, just wanted to let you know that Kevin Chidgey, Australia, who has researched over 100 Chidgey family trees over the past 30 years has just launched a Chidgey Association/website. On the site you can review all the family trees, see photos, stories, discussion forum and so it. It has helped to reunite many people from all over the world - you can see Kevin's info on this above or please send me a message if you would like more information.

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    Default books about chidgeys

    Hi I am new to the site but interested in the Chidgeys of Watchet my mother was a Chidgey. I have found a brilliant book Called Tales of Watchet Harbour by W H (Ben) Norman. Alas the author died last year but his wife still lives in Watchet and is a nice lady.

    In the book it mentions the Chidgeys as Mariners also the artist Thomas Chidgey and has some of his paintings.

    On page 135 is a painting of the Thomasina and Mary.

    On the night of Sunday April 7th 1861 (that years census) 4 of my relatives spent the night at sea on board her.

    I know you can get the book from the library.

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    Smile West Somerset Transcribed Parish Registers


    The URL of the West Somerset transcribed parish record site is below:

    Parishes are in alphabetical order.

    Good hunting!

    Love Ann x

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    Hi Ann thanks for the info on parish records I have spent hours on it and its fascinating.


    can any one tell me if they recon all the differant spelling of Chidgey (ie Chedgey, Chedzy, Chidzy, Chedzoy, Chedsy.) are because a lot could,nt read and write or were they differant family names, and how to tell the differance. Love Audrey.

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    Wink Different Chidgey Spellings


    When I get a moment, I'll post the URL of a site belonging to a Chidgey who has given all the spellings of Chidgey and a historic record of its changes from way back.

    Am I a mine of information or what?? lol

    Love Ann x

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    Default Kevin Chidgey Wbsite

    Hi Audrey

    What's the URL of the Kevin Chdgey Website please??

    Love Ann x

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    Default kevin

    Hi Ann here is the info you wanted.

    kchidgey AT bigpond DOT com
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