Did you know that .... if you have favourite forums.... you don't need to view the whole list of forums from the front page.

You can have your own personalised list of favourite forums.

Go to your favourite forum, and click on the tools menu above it. Then on the drop down list, select to subscribe to the forum. That forum (or several of them if you wish) will appear in your control panel (CP from the top left menu bar).

Now all you have to do, is look at your control panel instead of the front page with all of the forums....


If there is just one message thread which of interest to you in another forum, then view that thread.... and select "Thread Tools" from the menu... and subscribe to just that message thread. It will also now appear in your control panel.

and.... it gets more clever, whilst you are setting up your custom subscriptions, you can if you wish, make the system send you an email when there is a new thread in the forum, or another reply in the thread you are subscribed to.... weekly, daily, or immediately. Your choice.