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    Default Susannah Spain

    My wife's SPAIN tree comes through Thomas SPAIN b. c1795 in Barham, Kent. He married Charlotte Phillpott, b1809 in Postling, Kent. They had Susannah SPAIN b. cMarch 1840 in Elham, Kent. Susannah married Edward Francis FORDRED in 1858 in Elham, Kent. My wife and I visited this area of Kent in January this year (Beautiful area of England) including Postling Church, Elham Church and Lyminge but after a few hours wandering the graveyards couldn't find any links. There were very few SPAIN's headstones still readable unfortunately.
    Any connections?

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    Default Mark Spain - Ann(e) Earl(e) Married Bonningto

    Spain is my Aunts Husbands family. Mark is pretty dominant as is ' Jarvis' as a Middle name. Jarvis has led me to Rootsweb ( Thomas Jarvis Spain) and from there to here.
    This is my earliest ' Spain '. I found this Marriage about a year ago..and as observant as I am, have just noted William is of Bilsington and also there is a Thomas Spain as Witness and a William Earle as witness ( father? )..if so would the possibility be that Thomas Spain is also father??

    Bilsington and Bonnington Parish Records would be briliant if anyone has had chance to check them

    Marriage at Bonnington , St Rumwold on 1st Mar 1800.
    William Spain to Ann(e) Earl(e)
    Abode of groom - Bilsington, Kent
    Abode of bride - Bonnington, Kent
    Witnesses Thos Hoad, Will Earle, Thos Spain
    Descendants of William Spain
    1 William Spain b: in of Bilsington, Kent, England.
    .. +Ann Earl b: in of Bonnington, Kent, England. m: 01 Mar 1800 in St Rumwold, Bonnington Kent
    .. 2 Willliam Deal Spain b: Abt. 1804 in Bonnington, Kent, England
    .. 2 John Spain b: Abt. 1805 in Bonnington, Kent, England
    .. 2 MARK Spain b: Abt. 1806 in Bonnington, Kent, England
    ...... +Susanna Marks b: 1807 in Dover, Kent. m: 13 Sep 1827 in Folkstone, Kent, England.
    ....... 3 Susannah Anne Spain b: Abt. 1828 in Boulogne, France ( British Subject )
    ........... +James Thomas Dixon b: Abt. 1827 in Aldgate, Middlesex, England. m: 09 Apr 1849 in Parish Church ,St George In The East,
    London, Middlesex, England.
    ....... 3 William Thomas Mark Spain b: Abt. 1830
    ....... 3 Sarah Ellen Earle Spain b: 20 May 1832 in Porters Place, Islington, London, England.
    ....... 3 Mark Spain b: 06 Jan 1834 in Steymans Row, Holloway Rd, Islington, London.
    ........... +EMMA Cousins b: Abt. 1837 in Edmonton, London, England. m: 01 Sep 1861 in All Saints, Edmonton, London, England.
    ....... 3 Kate Dickson Spain b: 06 Sep 1835 in Steymans Row, Holloway Rd, Islington, London.
    ........... +George C Harrington b: Abt. 1837 in West Ham, London, Essex, England. m: 16 Aug 1857 in Christ Church , Marylebone,
    London, Middlesex.
    ....... 3 Ann Spain b: Abt. 1838 in France
    ....... 3 Kezia Jarvis Spain b: 18 Jan 1839 in Holloway Rd, Islington, London.
    ....... 3 JOHN Adam Danial Spain b: 19 Oct 1840 in 8 Steymans Row, Holloway Rd, Islington.
    ........... +Annie Jones b: Abt. 1847 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. m: 10 May 1865 in The Parish Church, Portsmouth, Hants.
    ....... 3 Kezia Christiana Spain b: 28 Jan 1844 in Holloway Rd, Islington, London.
    ....... 3 James Jarvis Spain b: 1846 in Compton Place, Islington, London, England.
    ........... +Sarah Ann Barrett b: 1843 in Sutterton Fenn, Linconshire, England. m: 1866 in Hackney Rd, London, Middlese, England.
    ....... 3 Mary Spain b: 02 Aug 1849 in 3 King St, Old Kent Rd, London.
    ........... +Charles William Smith b: Abt. 1846 in Hackney, London, Middlesex, England. m: 24 Feb 1867 in Parish Church , South
    Hackney, London, Middlesex.
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    Default Spains in Bonnington

    Hi I have Bonnington records up to 1812.
    William Deal Spain c 10/2/1804 s/Wm and Ann
    do you have the siblings?
    Bilsington I have on fiche but its missing a lot of records but I corrected them from the BTs and have
    Wm Spain c 4/6/1779 to Thomas and Margaret
    Sarah 14/9/1774
    Mary 2/7/1775
    William 4/6/1776
    all Bilsington

    Cannot see a marr for Thos and Marg in Bilsington or Bonnington.
    Will look in Ruckinge etc

    Bilsington Margaret Spain Buried 22/5/1783


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    Looking on the LDS, as you would expect Thomas Spain married Margaret Deal in Faversham OR!!! in Folkestone 12/10/1772 This is the LDS confusing parishes that begin with the same letter as they do with Orlestone and Oare.
    We need now to find which parishe has a Marg Deal born approx 1745

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    Default Ann Earle

    Ann is not born as far as I can see in Bilsington or Bonnington as her marriage would indicate but the LDS has come up trumps and she is born Mersham 25/1/1775 to a Samuel and Mary.
    do you want siblings, any way they will be on the LDS site
    cannot find a marriage for Sam Earle and a mary

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    I am just sorting out the Spain geneology as listed on this board and from my research, to get a clearer picture of the info supplied buy evrybody. I think this might be the Will of William Oxborourgh 1841..Commander in RN and mentions 3 daughters and son Charles. The transcription is on the website below.
    - Clifjade


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    Default Thomas Spain = Deal

    With regards to the Thomas Spain = Deal marriage. An earlier post said about re Wiliam Spain who Married Sarah Goddard who had a son who Married 1772 to Sarah Deal.....recent post has Margaret Deal ( Faversham or Folkstone). We are certainly on the right lines with my William Deal Spain and parents
    Marriage at Bonnington , St Rumwold on 1st Mar 1800.
    William Spain to Ann(e) Earl(e)
    Abode of groom - Bilsington, Kent
    Abode of bride - Bonnington, Kent
    Witnesses Thos Hoad, Will Earle, Thos Spain

    However I am not certain but is the William that Married Sarah/Margaret Goddard is he the son of William Spain 1st Marriage, Died 1836) of William Spain who then Married Mary Marshall?
    Almost there !!

    - Clifjade
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    I have not got there yet but anyone with patience might like to look at the connections with this couple...they also appear in East London as well, so dont be deceived by the Surrey refs as duplicated in 'Poplar??'

    London, England, Marriages and Banns, 1754-1921
    about John Spain
    Name: John Spain
    Spouse Name: Charlotte Simmons
    Record Type: Marriage
    Marriage Date: 07 Jul 1831
    Parish: St Mary, Newington
    County: Surrey
    Borough: Southwark

    - Clifjade
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    Default William Spaine / Spayne

    Anyone brave enogh to op this early??

    UK, Extracted Probate Records
    about Spaine, Spayne, William
    Text: Spaine, Spayne, William, yeoman, Elham A. 285 1642
    Book: Abbreviations.
    Collection: England: Canterbury - Wills and Administrations in The Probate Registry At Canterbury, 1396-1558 and 1640-1650

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    Default Spain -One could cry sometimes...

    Year Day/Month Name Spouse Parish District Note
    1760 11 October SPAIN Sarah Thomas Sacry Aldington East Ashford
    1769 11 June SPAIN Ann Stephen Bean Ashford West Ashford
    1777 10 February SPAIN Thomas Sarah Hucksted Crundale East Ashford
    1783 27 January SPAIN Anna Maria Abraham Orsband Aldington East Ashford
    1789 05 February SPAIN John Elizabeth Eldridge Lympne Elham
    1790 23 November SPAIN Sarah William Holmes Aldington East Ashford
    1796 24 November SPAIN Elizabeth Thomas Winder Woodchurch Tenterden
    1800 26 March SPAIN William Ann Earl Bonnington East Ashford
    1800 22 March SPAIN Augustine Elizabeth Lawrence Monks Horton Elham
    1804 01 February SPAIN William Elizabeth Reeves Shadoxhurst West Ashford
    1805 26 April SPAIN Ann Mark Jarvis Bilsington East Ashford
    1806 16 June SPAIN Elizabeth Thomas Bass Chilham East Ashford
    1808 05 July SPAIN Elizabeth John Hillman Bilsington East Ashford
    1809 09 September SPAIN Amy Baker Weeks Chilham East Ashford
    1810 12 April SPAIN Mary William Evenden Bilsington East Ashford
    1812 17 October SPAIN Charlotte Edward Jarvis Bilsington East Ashford
    1813 08 April SPAIN John Sarah Collins Woodchurch Tenterden
    1827 07 July SPAIN Anne John Morris Monks Horton Elham
    1830 21 November SPAIN Bridger Carter Mary Higgins Bonnington East Ashford
    1830 15 October SPAIN William Henry Phoebe Waller Woodchurch Tenterden

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