This message was sent to a mailing list, I have the permission of Peter Williams, the writer of the message, to reproduce it here for the benefit of those people who are thinking of going to Gwent Record Office to further their research.

"Some listers may recall that a few months ago the Family Records Centre advertised several batches of microfilms for disposal. I am pleased to announce that I put in a bid and was successful in obtaining two batches:
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, 1383-1858 (PROB 11)
This comprises approximately 1883 reels of microfilm.

Miscellaneous Foreign Returns of birth, marriage and death, 1831-1969 (RG 32)
Foreign Registers and Returns of birth, marriage and death, 1627-1960 (RG 33)
Miscellaneous Foreign marriage returns, 1826-1921 (RG 34)
Miscellaneous Foreign death returns, 1830-1921 (RG 35)
Registers and Returns of births, marriages and deaths in the
Protectorates etc of Africa and Asia, 1895-1965 (RG 36)
Indexes to Miscellaneous Foreign Returns of births, marriages and deaths (RG 43)
This comprises approximately 110 reels of microfilm.

I have deposited all the microfilms at the Gwent Record Office and the GRO has now informed me that they are now available for public use. Since these microfilms came from The National Archives, there are some restrictions on their use, chiefly a prohibition on digitisation. The GRO has full details. Despite my best efforts, there are a few gaps in the PCC Wills, which we are trying to fill.
Many thanks to Tony Hopkins, Acting County Archivist and the GRO staff for their co-operation throughout this project and their efforts in making the microfilms available quickly. Also, special thanks to the two members of staff who drove all the way to Essex and back, to collect the microfilms!
I am sure that these new resources will be of great benefit to all of us researching Family History in Gwent.

Peter Williams"