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    FrontPage photogallery rang a faint bell. Looking at my own web, I recall using it once in distant past
    Quickly abandoned because FP sets up this ridiculous location for the images (why do we need a folder named "photo22311"?)
    However, once Glenys creates the photogallery etc., shouldn't she only need the correct link to its index page (in my case, it's "real.htm"). The image paths should all be relative within that folder.
    BTW most photo programs (e.g. PhotoShop Elements) can create web galleries where *you* control the final location of the files. You can choose to create the gallery within your FP web.
    I'm now using JAlbum but it's not the simplest.

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    Thank you all very much for your help and support.

    I now realise that it is a problem with FP and Rootsweb, and am looking at a couple of options to resolve this.

    Thanks again.


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