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Hi all,

Wondered if anyone could shed a bit more light on a couple of people from my tree:

REGINALD E JUNIPER - was born 1887 in Tottenham, London, England
Died 17/07/1962 in LA, California, USA

Son of ALFRED OSCAR JUNIPER and SARAH ANNE QUINTON (I myself am decended from the QUINTON line)

REGINALD I believe emigrated to North America in 1906 going from Liverpool to Quebec in Canada but have hit a blank from there until his death in 1962 so any help would be great!!!

Also I believe ALFRED OSCAR JUNIPER may have emigrated in Canada as I believe he died in 1917 there but can't be sure of that so any help there would be great too!


I have forgotten about this site. With an email change would not allow anymore feedback.
Reginald is my grandmother Bertha brother. Have old family photos of both Quinton and Juniper.
Your post caught my attention. I am from Toronto.