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    Welcome to the Brit-gen forums Tim.
    This is a very old thread (2008) and the original poster rayrussell2000 is no longer a member of Brit-Gen as shown by the word 'Guest' under his avatar'. We do not hold any contact information for them so they will not receive notification of your post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim_Marsden View Post
    I'm sorry I don't have any photos but I'm really curious about your interest in 8 Ancient Meadows. My father, Tom Marsden, lived at that address in 1915-1920 as a young boy. His parents were William Marsden and Sarah Jane Louisa (née Griffiths). I hope you don't mind me asking - Regards Tim Marsden.
    A very warm welcome to Brit-gen.
    A couple of newspaper reports about the time your father moved into No 8 - all from the Liverpool Echo.

    21 Aug 1914
    A 4 roomed Country Cottage, with fowls, fowl house and run; goodwill low**: also greenhouse, with boilers and double row of pipes, 4in. Size of house 30ft by 9ft by 9ft; all in good working order - Apply 8 Ancient Meadows, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool.

    11 Mar 1915
    Small Country Cottage; 4 rooms, hen runs, out houses, 19 head of fowl; kitchen garden; ingoing £9 - E Davis, 8 Ancient Meadows, Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley

    29 Mar 1915
    GREENHOUSE - cost £26; will take £10; going abroad - 8 Ancient Meadows

    ** - if you're wondering about "goodwill low" - Google it.

    I'm reading it that 8 Ancient Meadows is to be let - not that it just the address to be applied to? An 1894 map has a "Nursery" marked and this would fit with a greenhouse with boilers fitted and hen runs.

    Struggling to find Ancient Meadows marked on an old map eg.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    The 1911 Census describes 8 Ancient Meadows as having "4 rooms". The Davies (with an "e") family are there, including an "Elizabeth Davies, wife" who could well be the "E Davis" in the 11 Mar 1915 advert.
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    The opening posts of this thread " ... 8 ancient meadows ..." and " ... 8, Ancient Meadows ..." reminded me of the two Ronnies' sketch
    "Fork 'andles. Four candles?"; "Fork 'andles. Four candles?"; "Fork 'andles - 'andles for forks" - priceless.

    The first advert I had to read twice - re size of house. It referred, of course, to the "fowl house".
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Liverpool Mercury, 6 Oct 1892
    Valuable Freehold Property, situate in Longmore Lane
    " ... Also, FOUR COTTAGES, known as "Ancient Meadow", now in the occupation of R Dickenson, W Parker, H Charnock and T Orrett ..."

    1891 Census
    Wilson Hood, 2 Ancient Meadow off Longmoor Lane.
    Sam Barton, 4 ....."......".........."
    Henry Charnock, 6 ."......".........."
    Thomas Orrett, 8 .."......".........."
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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