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    Dear Dawn, It is ages since I have been on the Forums and I suspect I can't be a huge help to you. All I know - or at least half remember - is that one of my Great Grandfather William Vincent's brothers or nephews had Sprake as a middle name, presumably his mother's maiden name. I will dig out my disorganised notes and see if I can find that reference. Peter Sprake-Follett has been most helpful to me in the past and thanks to him and others I have been able to unravel some complicated stories - so keep going! Best wishes, Tim

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    Dear Tim Many thanks , I would be very interested in the connection as I have not heard the Vincent name connected with Sprakes. There are Vincents farming near Abbottsbury maybe there is a connection there. They used their maiden names alot as second names with an unusual name like Sprake it has made it alot easier to trace people. I hope this does not set you off again on an all consuming quest !! I have emailed Peter Sprake Follett too so hopefully he can help. Regards Dawn

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