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    Default Searching for Josiah E. Miller, sea captain Born 1829

    Hoping to find connection to my Great Grandfather, Josiah Miller who married Janet Kennedy. His father Horatio John Miller brother of Hugh Gordon Miller who was knighted. I believe that Horatio was a Lord of the Admiralty. Horatio was married to Elizabeth Ann Evans. Josiah was educated at the Nay School and went to college in Dartmouth, England.

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    I hope this account is still active. I have found information in my gg grandmother's (Mary Elizabeth Wright Carr 1849-1915)) efforts to obtain a U.S. Civil War Widow's Pension for her husband, Frederick F. Carr (ca. 1820-1879). Francis Kennedy, Josiah E. Miller's mother-in-law, lived at 1672 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, on 8 Nov 1888 and was a neighbor of Mrs. Carr. Frederick F. Carr had been a 2nd mate on the Bard G. de Zaldo, working under Captain Miller. I have the written records of affidavits of several members of the Miller and Kennedy families discussing their interactions with Mr. Carr over several years. These would be of great interest to you, and I would like to learn more about the Miller and Kennedy families and the ship and if there might be further records. Please reach out if you can.

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    Welcome to the Brit-Gen forums MWeismantel
    Unfortunately this is a very old posting and Patch is no longer a member of the forums as indicated by the word "Guest' under their avatar. We do not keep any information so have no way of contacting Patch to let them know you have taken the time to get in touch.
    If you want our members to help with your research on this subject just give us some details. names, dates, etc and we'll see what we can do
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