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    Could someone please help with my Dodds ancestors' I believe they left the Borders of Scotland around 1700 & went to N. Ire. to work in the Linen Trade.Then around 1820 they emigrated to Canada. Some of the given names in the family are John, James, Robert, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Jane. Some believe they came from the Lisnadill Parish and were Presbyterians.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Can you please tell me if you have any Dodd's relations in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland my partner is from the Dodd's side of the family i have info on a Bernard Doods b1793 in Lligo Ireland his wife is Margaret in the 1861 census they wher staying in Castle Douglas Kirkcudbrightshire hope this helps.

    regards Frank

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    Hi Scotty Frank, I believe my ancestors were from the Scottish borders up til 1700's then about a century in Armagh, emigrating C/ 1800 none that I am aware of have been associated with Ayr, Sorry , not able to assist here.
    Thanks for the post.

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    My Mum was Amanda Dodds from Armagh. The family went to Boulder Colorada in 1897 when she was baby. The father was James Dodds.
    They returned to Lisglyn Armagh in 1901 and some years later remnants of the family emigrated to Canada. My Mum being the only one left in Ireland. Her brothers were Robert, Oscar & sister Ethel.


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