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    Default Alfred and James BARRETT

    I am stuck trying to find the baptism of James Barrett who married Susannah Frampton in Frome St Quintin, Dorset on 8.2.1835. In the census he says he is from Evershot and that is where they lived. I have failed to find him there. In 14.10.1834 Alfred Barrett of Evershot married Mary Ann Frampton (Susannah's sister). In the census he says he is from Axminster. So maybe James and Alfred were brothers and baptised in Axminster or nearby. From the information I have James was born about 1807 and Alfred about 1811. Does anyone know where I can look up this kind of information without having to go to Exeter? thank you.

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    Hi. Appreciate that this was posted in 2008 just wondered if you James and Alfred's documentation? I have also found Alfred and James who I think were twins but unable to find their birth certificates and parent's names.
    It's taken 16 months to get to this stage and now at a brick wall.
    It would be great if you found any information so that we can go even further back.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


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