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    Default samuel hatton

    i have a samuel hatton in my family tree,who was a flatman around cheshire in the 1840's,does anyone know how i can find any info on him,are there any records relating to flatman?

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    Default Flatman

    Hi Alan,
    I am not sure if you know or whether you are asking what a 'Flatman' was? Anyway he was a boatman who used flat-bottom boats as a means of transport. There is an index of boat people on the Wolverhampton canal system and the name Hatton appears on it:-

    Do you have him on the censuses?


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    Hi alanjohn,
    Did Samuel Hatton live anywhere along the R.Weaver (maybe Northwich or Winsford) the Hattons were one of the well known families of flatmen/watermen on the R.Weaver. It might be a little late for the date you have quoted, but look at the register of weighed flats from the Northwich Day Books at

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    Default Samuel HATTON

    In case you do not have Samuel in the 1841 census, this could be him in Over, Cheshire:

    HO107/96/27, folio 13, page 19
    Stock's Stairs

    Saml HATTON 40 Flatman
    Saml do 6
    Martha do 15
    Eliza do 11
    Sarah do 8
    John do 2

    All born in the county. The next record down is that of a William HATTON, aged 50, Rope maker plus Eliza 50, Saml 15, Flatman, Wm 15 and Eliza 9 - again all born in the county.

    Samuel looks as if he is in Wharton, Cheshire in the 1851 census (HO107/2166, folio 193, page 23), aged 51, Waterman, born Davenham Cheshire living at Winsford Hill with wife Mary Ann and children Sarah, Samuel, John, Joseph and grandaughter Kitty.

    William and son Samuel are still in Over in the 1851 both described as Ag Labs.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Samuel Hatton

    My name is Kelly Hatton. I live in Winsford. I have recenlty received some information for my family tree from a friend of mine.
    Samuel is on my tree & the email she sent mentions Flatmen... Plz see below...
    [I]James Hatton & Catherine Egerton both born in 1897 in Winsford.
    They were married at St John Church on the 11th of February 1922, & they lived at 516 Victoria Terrance High Street Winsford.
    Jamesí Family:
    *William Hatton born 1892
    *Thomas Hatton born 1895
    *James Hatton born 1897
    *Joseph Hatton born 1898
    *Ellen born 1900
    Jamesí parents were Nathan Hatton born in 1864 & Jane Bloor born in 1871 both born in Winsford, They Married in 1891 at Wharton Christ Church.
    They lived with their children at No 13 Winsford Hill
    Nathan Hatton Worker as a Labourer at one of the Winsford Salt mines for most of his life. Nathan was your Great Great grandfather.
    Nathanís family:
    *Thomas Hatton born 1846
    *Elizabeth Hatton born 1849
    *William Hatton born1851
    *Elijah Hatton born 1854
    *Sarah born 1855
    *Ester Hatton Born 1857
    *Louisa Hatton born 1860
    *Nathan Hatton born 1864****
    *Walter Hatton born 1867
    *Henry Hatton born 1868
    *Herbert Hatton born 1870
    *Alice Hatton born 1873
    Nathanís parents were William Hatton born 1825 & Eliza Rowlinson born 1826 both born in Winsford, They married 22nd of May 1846 at St Wilfredís Church in Davenham, which was the parish church for Winsford (Wharton & Over) at the time.
    William and his children lived at No 6 Winsford Hill. He worked as a Waterman/Flatman; it is likely he spent a lot of his time working on the salt barges that transported salt from the Winsford mines to Liverpool docks. William was your Great x3 Grandfather.
    I have only managed to find 1 brother to William so far, His name was *James Hatton born in 1831
    William & Jamesí parents were Thomas Hatton born in 1791 & Sarah Warburton They were married 11th of December 1821 St Michaelís & All Angels Church in Middlewich, Thomas & Sarah lived at No 8 Winsford Hill.
    Thomas was your Great x4 Grandfather. He was baptised on the 10th of April 1791 at St Wilfredís Church in Davenham, like the majority of his family he also worked on the Flat barges transporting salt, He died on the 21st of March 1853. Thomas was one of 11 children.
    Thomasí Family:
    *Joseph Hatton born the 20th of August 1783 in Wharton
    *Phebe Hatton born the 3rd of August 1785 in Wharton
    *Sally Hatton born the 19th of March 1787 in Wharton
    *Robert Hatton born the 17th of November 1788 in Wharton
    *Thomas Hatton born the 6th of March 1791 in Wharton
    *Milly Hatton born the 21st of April 1793 in Wharton
    *Hugh Hatton born the 14th of July 1795 in Wharton(Died before his 1st birthday)
    *John Hatton born the 16th of September 1797 in Wharton(John & James where Twins)
    *James Hatton born the 16th of September 1797 in Wharton(John & James where Twins)
    *Samuel Hatton born the 12th of November 1799 in Wharton,
    *Hannah Hatton born the 9th of October 1801 in Wharton
    Thomasí parents were Richard Hatton born in Davenham in 1760 & Hannah Towers born in Weaver (Middlewich) in 1763.
    They were married at St Wilfredís Church in Davenham, on the 10th of February 1783. Which means that Hannah must have been about 3 months pregnant, when they got married, tut tut?
    Richard Hatton was the oldest of 7 children & is your Great x6 Grandfather.

    Hope this helps x

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    Thanks for that kelly,sorry i haven't been online much lately so i haven't been checking my family tree site's.
    That's definately my Samuel born 1799,he died in 1880,or '81 i believe(it's in my note's somewhere),and was married 3 times.I have the baptism for his son John,my Gt.Grandfather in 1839.
    Samuel's parent's were Richard Hatton and Hannah Tower's,and Richard's were Robert and Sarah Ameson(poss Jameson).
    I live down in Cornwall so all my research is done on the computer,hoping to get up cheshire sometime,to try and do a bit of hands on.

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    Default William HATTON, Rope maker


    I think I'm descended from the William Hatton, Rope maker, that you mention living "next one down" to Samuel Hatton. William's son Samuel is also a flatman. William's daughter Elizabeth is my great-great-grandmother. She married the widower Joseph Haworth in 1857 at Manchester Cathedral.

    Any information about the family would be gratefully received. Are the two families related in any way?

    All the best,

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    I know this thread is years old but if anybody still has an interest Alice Hatton b 1878 was my Great Grandma, I have a large Hatton tree and Hatton is my largest dna matches,3 families moved to North East by Billingham so there are Hatton cousins up there as well as Cheshire

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    Hi Tommy yes always glad to hear from someone , most if not all of my dads family ended up around London. Seems they just made their way south from between 1880s and early 1900s.


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