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    Hi, I am researching a Munro family originally from Tongue. I have the following information:

    MUNRO, Donald b. 1807 Tongue, Sutherland d. 1884
    married MACKENZIE, Jannet (Jessie) b. 1815 Durness d. 1909 Casheldhu
    MUNRO, Margaret b. 1841 d 1912 Casheldhu
    MUNRO, Eslpie b. Durness 1843
    MUNRO, William b. 1844 Durness d. 1894 Golspie
    MUNRO, Jemima b. 1847
    MUNRO, Dolina b. 1851
    MUNRO, Isabella b. 1853
    MUNRO, Kennethina b. 1857

    MUNRO, William m. 1873 MACDONALD, Hughina b. 1852 Durness d. 1851 Golspie
    MUNRO, Christina Isabella b. 1873 Tongue
    MUNRO, Angusina b. 1876 Cromarty
    MUNRO, Donald b. 1877 Urquhart, Ross and Cromarty (d.Sask.CAN maybe)
    MUNRO, Jessie Mackenzie b. 1880 Durness
    MUNRO, Archibald b. 1881 Durness d. 1921 Chicago, Ill.
    MUNRO, Eppie b. 1884 Golspie
    MUNRO, Mary b. 1886 Golspie d. 1952 Golspie
    MUNRO, Duncan b. 1888 Golspie d. 1947 d. 1947 Crosby, ND. USA
    MUNRO, William b. 1891 Tain d. 1916 d. France
    MUNRO, John Alexander b. 1893 Golspie d. 1917 d. France

    Any connection to any of the above greatfully received-have info to share.

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    Hi Shirl896 ,
    I would like to think I have a connection to your MUNRO folk in my Family Tree but I can't see it !
    Like you I have a Donald Munro born in Tongue ; however my man of interest was born about 1826. He died in New Zealand 1906.
    His wife , Isabella , born 1830 , died in New Zealand 1902.

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    Carol Small via
    5:19 PM (1 hour ago)

    to Barbara
    Hello Barbara and group,

    My family was the original owner of that letter. It was written to my gt gt grandfather, Alexander McIntosh, brother of Hugh. I did the transcription of the letter. A copy of the original is also in my book, "The McIntoshes of Inchverry". Alexander and his family, along with their brother, Robert McIntosh and his family, and their uncle, William Sutherland and his wife, were all living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada then. This group had immigrated to Canada in 1845. Hugh McIntosh and his family immigrated to New Zealand. The McIntoshes are the sons of George McIntosh and Margaret Sutherland of Inchverry, Tongue. Margaret's father, William Sutherland was also lived in Tongue but was originally from Creich, Sutherland.

    I have several letters of the McIntosh, Sutherland, McKay (various families), MacKenzie, Munro, Gunn, McDonald and Campbell families. All except the Gunn families are from Tongue. All the original letters were donated to the Bruce County Archives in Southampton, Ontario.

    If any of you have any questions about these families, please ask. I do have quite a bit of history that I am willing to share and of course, I am always looking for more connections.


    Carol Small
    Ontario, Canada


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