In exploring my Scottish Ancestry, I found my Gtgtgt grandparents William Cruickshank (b 1802) and Mary Pearson (b1796). Mary was born to James Pearson and Isabel Fyall Phial, Kemback, Fife, eldest of six children, the others being, George (1805), Peter (1802), Isobel (1809) Euphemia (1812) and William (1815). All born in Kemback. I then had communication from someone with this information who also had a Thomas Pearson, born 1818, to James and Isabel, but I can't find him.

We also seem to have found two Isabel Fyalls potentially married to James Pearsons!! It is all starting to get very confusing and if anyone can help I would be so very grateful!!!

I have James Pearson born 1772 to James Pearson and Margaret Brown, married on 13.6.1794 to Isabel Fyall Phial, who was born 1770(3rd April) to David Phial and Isabel Trail.

Were Thomas's parents the James and Isabel i have? Any help would be very much appreciated.