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    Quote Originally Posted by Clifjade View Post
    Oliver Cromwell ' The Lord Protetor' sister, Jane, Married Maj John ( Disbrowe) Desborough.
    One of their sons Valentine Married Jane Corbett.
    One of their daughters Jane Married John Walford
    Forward 3 generations and a Walford Marries a TWEED and Tweed is my grandmothers family.
    I have this lot on ' Walfords of Suffolk and Essex ' on Triibalpages.
    Hi I too have just found out my relationship to Oliver Cromwell as well as the Disbrowe family through my Mums tree i am in Australia. I would love to hear from others especially with this connection I am comnnected through Wade and Walford connection...chrissy
    - Clifjade
    i am related to Disbriwes through walford and wade families of essex . I am in Australia I would love to .make contact with others related. chrissy
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